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Labour Hire Licensing 

Are you informed? How will it affect you?

It's on the lips of everyone in recruitment right now - the Labour Hire Licensing Laws. These are being implemented across Australia and both labour hire agencies and host clients need to be aware of what's happening in this field. 

Not only do agencies need to have licenses and report regularly to the regulators, but businesses who hire workers need to ensure that the agency they are using is properly licensed. And it's important to know since penalties can be severe. 

The Licensing Laws are already being implemented in South Australia and Queensland and in this time of adjustment, it's important to know what your responsibilities as a labour hire agency and a host client are. 

The new legislation requires even more cooperation and communication between the labour hire agency and the host client.  The iSafe Program facilitates improved communication about WHS between the PCBUs. Moreover, it serves as a check  of the current WHS records whilst also confirming placement details and contact information. For more information you can visit the sites below or contact us.


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