we believe that everyone deserves a safe workplace

iSafe Risk Management Program


The iSafe Risk Management Program

The iSafe Risk Management program undertakes health and safety assessments at host client sites where workers have been placed under a contract with another party such as a recruitment agency, on-hire or contracting company. 

The program was initially founded by APSCo Australia and now supports all business with a shared responsibility for the health and safety of workers across Australia and New Zealand. The program is provided through Certex International Pty Ltd, a member of the Fathom group of companies.


We support the belief that everyone has the right to a safe environment. 

iSafe FAQs Series

Many people have questions about the iSafe Program and what it is. We have created a video series all about iSafe and how it can help your business. In each video see APSCo Australia Managing Director and founder of the iSafe Program, Julie Mills, speak with our Managing Director Dianne Gibert.

Why You Should Get Involved

What is the iSafe Program? What does it do? And what are the benefits to agencies? 

Are Your Contracts Enough?

Every labour hire agency is responsible for the safety of their contractors. How does this stand against your contracts?

How the iSafe Program All Began

What is the iSafe Program? How did it all start?

Communication - What is your WHS Responsibility?

What are your WHS responsibilities when it comes to communication? What does it mean to cooperate, consult and communicate? 

Third Party Sites (on-forwarding)

What happens when your host client on-forwards the contractors? What's your responsibility then?


The Importance of Labour Hire Licensing Laws on your business...


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